Top 10 Reasons to Attend ‘The Coaching Stance’


Top 10 Reasons to Attend ‘The Coaching Stance’

We know some of you may be asking about this new class of ours, The Coaching Stance. ‘Why should I attend,’ we hear you saying? ‘What the heck is it about, anyway?’ And ‘just how is it different from the Coaching Agile Teams class.’ Well, here are the top reasons you will want to attend…

Reason # 10 – Top notch training
In case you haven’t heard, our training is quite different than most, and pretty darn good as a transformational experience. And guess what? The Coaching Stance features the people that trained us! We didn’t just make this stuff up, you know; we learned it from some of the best trainers in the world at Coaches Training Institute and CRR Global (Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching). The person co-teaching with us is a master teacher with both CTI and CRR Global. These were also some of the key people in the founding of the ICF (International Coaches Federation). How cool is that?

Reason # 9 – Professional coaching is key to our success
If you believe Lyssa and I are good at what we do, you will want to be trained in some of the same ways. The thing that makes the biggest difference for us: professional coaching skills. Learning how to coach will take your Agile Coaching to a significantly higher level of maturity, of freedom from owning other’s responsibility unnecessarily, and will magnify your impact in service to others.

Reason # 8 – A deep dive into professional coaching skills in an Agile context
If you thought the Coaching Agile Teams class blew your mind, wait until you try this one! We will focus the entire two days on developing your coaching skills, then applying them within an Agile context. This is four times as much attention as in Coaching Agile Teams. If you go to a fundamentals coaching class taught by anotheagendr coaching school, you will have to do the translating to the Agile world yourself. This is the only class where you can get professional coaching within an Agile context. Plus, you will have one of the best coach trainers in the world, which brings us to…

Reason # 7 – Cynthia is a lot of fun!
If you had a good time in the Coaching Agile Teams class (or heard it from others), you will certainly want to experience our friend and colleague Cynthia Loy Darst. To say Cynthia is a dynamo is an understatement. She is a small package of crazy fun, very warm and encouraging, until she kicks your butt…with a smile no less. We are very excited about teaching with her!

Reason # 6 – Coaching and facilitating over teaching and mentoring
If you agree with our Agile Coach Competency Model, you will know that the idea of the coaching stance is central to the power and effectiveness of an Agile Coach. That’s why we say coaching and facilitating (the two process oriented, neutral methods) are preferred to teaching and mentoring. The Coaching Stance class gives you a firm grounding in that position by deepening your professional coaching skills and helping shift your mindset to that of a coach rather than an adviser or consultant.

Reason # 5 – It’s the next step in becoming a master Agile Coach
If you want to become a master coach, for teams or even for the enterprise, you simply cannot do that without having a firm grounding in these professional coaching skills. The Coaching Stance is the second (of six) courses we will be offering because the mindset of professional coaching is the very heart of the Agile Coach’s competency. Without it, your work will be tactical at best, or at worst manipulative and serving only your own agenda, however seemingly benevolent. The path to Agile Coaching excellence begins with working on yourself, moving beyond your own cognitive and other limitations to use yourself as an instrument for other’s betterment. Coaching is the most potent tool for doing this that we know.

Reason # 4 – You may be a professional coach in the making
If you want to become a professional work/life or leadership coach, The Coaching Stance is the perfect start. It will give you deep coaching skills in a context you work in every day. Then, if you want to further your professional coach training, Cynthia, Lyssa and Michael can make an informed recommendation about which professional coaching school to choose for your needs.

Reason # 3 – You’ll never get Lyssa, Michael and Cynthia in the same room again
If you liked the experience of Lyssa and Michael co-leading the Coaching Agile Teams class, you really must experience Cynthia co-leading with one of us, with the other in the back assisting. How cool is that?

Reason # 2 – You will get to help shape the direction of the class and our training program
If you want to have influence over where Agile Coaching Institute goes in the next 18 months, this is the class to be in. We are heading in new, expansive directions. This is your opportunity to give us feedback on our new path and help influence it for yourself and for others.

Reason # 1 – It will never be better than Stockholm in April
Finally, if you want a good deal and to see the class this spring, Stockholm, Apr 25-26, 2012 is the place to be. This is a great discount – 25% off when you also sign up for the Coaching Agile Teams class – and an intimate setting (limited to 20 people).

So, what are you waiting for? Register for the class and we’ll see you there.

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