The Coaching Stance: Upshifting Your Agile CoachingWebinar Recording


The Coaching Stance: Upshifting Your Agile CoachingWebinar Recording

Hello agile coaches!

Here’s the audio recording of our webinar on The Coaching Stance course.  This course is the gateway to our advanced courses in agile coaching, suitable for ScrumMasters, agile coaches, managers of agile teams — anyone in an agile leadership position.

We know you’re busy, so let us give your a breakdown of the contents so you can zip to the parts that interest you most.

0:00 –  1:10  Introduction and the mission of the Agile Coaching Institute

1:10 –  2:30 What Lyssa Adkins thinks people should know about our course co-lead, Cynthia Loy Darst

2:30 – 3:40  Cynthia’s background in professional coaching

3:40 – 4:28  Michael does some housekeeping tasks about the webinar

4:28 – 6:08  Cynthia’s impression of  agile coaches from working with them so far; why agile coaches are pre-disposed to be great at using professional coaching skills

6:08 – 7:20 The professional coaching schools that ACI’s work is based on and why we chose to work with Cynthia; the style we use when we teach ACI’s courses

7:20 – 8:01 Why ACI is offering The Coaching Stance course

ACI Agile Coaching Competency Framework

8:01 – 16:00  High-level walkthrough of the Agile Coaching Competency Framework created by ACI (see this whitepaper as you listen to this part); ACI’s Agile Transformation Coaching School focuses on our core competencies – Professional Coaching, Facilitation and Transformation Mastery

16:00 –  17:25  The purpose and focus of The Coaching Stance course; why the course is useful for individual, team and company transformation

17:25 – 21:00  What The Coaching Stance course is like; how the two days of the class works; how it’s taught within the agile context; the interactive and experiential nature of the course; no PowerPoint slides in this class; your ability to belong to the community of others who have taken The Coaching Stance; the profound impact of the class on students; the course prepares you to coach people in your agile world

Coaching Pathways 2012-2013

21:00 – 26:19  How this course is situated inside of ACI’s other courses and on-going development offerings; The Coaching Stance as a course by itself or as the beginning of an advanced curriculum in agile coaching; how the coaching practicum works; courses coming up will deal with organizational impediments and working with agile throughout the organization from a systems intelligence vantage point; how the Coaching Agile Teams class fits in

26:19 – 30:29  We open the lines for questions: Do you have specific advice for people who are not technical?  Do you have advice for people getting into agile product management?

30:29 –  31:23  Static on the line — skip this part

31:23 – 34:47  Question: How do I choose between the variety of options in the coaching training world?  They all sound good, how does one pick?

34:47 – 39:45  Question: My organization has decided that instead of looking to external coaches, we are investing in internal coaches.  Now, what are the qualities and traits that tell us which people to develop as agile coaches first?

Upcoming offerings of The Coaching Stance

39:45 – 42:00  Upcoming offerings of The Coaching Stance course; results from teaching the class in 2012; this course can be a natural progression from the Coaching Agile Teams class and about 50% of our students come directly into The Coaching Stance class – there is no hard prerequisite between them

42:00 – 44:00  Question: Will you come to Australia to teach these courses?

44:00 – 47:10  Question: Will you tell us about the Coaching Circles?

47:10 – 51:40 Question: I’d like to know more about systems intelligence and what that brings to an agile coach and what it is.

51:40 – 52:12  Agile coaches are the leaders of the future

52:12 -52:21 We get thanked for hosting this useful webinar and we thank the audience.  And we say, “Bye for now!”

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