The Agile Facilitator Resources

Coaching Agile Teams, by Lyssa Adkins, specifically the Coach as Facilitator chapter.

The Secrets of Facilitation by Michael Wilkinson, one of the “go to” books of the professional facilitation world.

Facilitating with Ease by Ingrid Bens, this book is full of great exercises, techniques, & mindsets for facilitators.

Making Questions Work by Dorothy Strachan, questions are a facilitator’s best friend and this book is full of them!

Collaboration Explained Jean Tabaka, a great book for agile coaches about being a good facilitator. Check out the section with starter agendas for sprint planning and other agile meetings.

Agile Retrospectives Esther Derby and Diana Larsen, to help you create retrospectives that have people get up from the conference room table and come up with real insights.


Teampedia Tools for Teams Wiki

100 Images for Visual Brainstorming via Slide Share (which is an awesome site if you need powerpoint slides that you’re allowed to download & use for just about any topic)

Resources for Remote Collaboration Remote Collaboration resources courtesy of Collaboration Superpowers.

In depth facilitation training

Leadership Strategies provides several things that may be of interest for those wanting more in the “facilitation wedge” of the Agile Coaching Competency Framework:

  • An in-depth 4-day course called The Effective Facilitator that does a deep dive on 10 basic facilitation principles. If The Agile Facilitator is an appetizer on basic facilitation skills, The Effective Facilitator is a 3-course meal! 
  • A course specific to facilitating virtual meetings takes the 10 facilitation principles and applies them to a virtual environment. This is a GREAT course for those facilitating distributed teams.
  • Loads of free webinars covering everything from virtual meetings to facilitating a strategic planning session. The sessions are a great example of how to make virtual meetings dynamic and interactive.

See resources for the entire Agile Coaching Competency Framework