Reprogramming Ourselves to Use Agile Well


Reprogramming Ourselves to Use Agile Well

If you’re not getting the stellar results you were promised with agile, look to the belief system that agile is trying to work within.  Is agile bringing some positive and useful changes but floundering as it tries to work within old, unsustainable systems?  

Agile brings with it “new” beliefs and does produce stellar results when those beliefs are allowed to become the new norm. These beliefs challenge the plan-driven management mindset that many of our organizations were based on.  The good news is that the bedrock of that belief system has been crumbling for some time now — plan-driven management no longer works quite so well with the reality of our modern world.  Ride that wave — it’s time to change!

I created this video to spur that change.  It reveals the core beliefs of plan-driven management that must be reprogrammed if we are to use agile well. This reprogramming is personal, though. It happens inside you. And, it allows you to take on a powerful way of coaching agile organization: The Coaching Stance, the heart of the coaching competency framework.

If you are pursuing your PMI ACP certification, here’s a special cut of the video just for you.  For everyone else, see this one:

  • Joel Bancroft-Connors
    Posted at 18:25h, 06 March


    Great video. Very nice job in tackling the common PM myths of control and then providing the agile solution. So many agile discussions, on the net, are about implementation, development and the like. Your work is helping us all bring agile to business in general.