1000 who raise 100,000

We will reach at least 1,000 people in 2012 through our classes, coaching and mentoring circles, and other offerings. Along the way, each person we work with will be asked to join the Agile Coaches Transform the World team on Kiva, the great microlending platform. By all of us pulling together and loaning $100,000 to entrepreneurs throughout the developing world, we can change the lives of hundreds of people and thousands of their family members. Kiva helps people create viable businesses in their local communities and builds a stronger world.

ACI will match the first $100 of micro-loans made by anyone taking one of our offerings in 2012.  For many people in the world, $25 is the difference between a new start and a dead end.  That’s all it takes. And, we’ll match it.

C’mon, transform the world.