Our Thinking

The way we think about agile coaching, leadership and transformation is based on a wide variety of fields, including professional coaching, organization development (OD), Integral theory, leadership studies, developmental psychology, professional facilitation, systems thinking, complexity, Agile empirical process thinking, and transformational education methods. Each of those fields has an integrity of its own for solving human problems; we specialize in studying these fields in some depth, then synthesizing them for use in Agile coaching, Agile leadership and Agile organizational transformations. In the language of Integral (Michael’s book excerpt is currently unavailable), we strive for competence in and sensitivity to the right-hand quadrants, while striving to demonstrate mastery in the left-hand ones.

Our Influences

Among our primary influences are the following people and bodies of work:

Our Body of Work

This page serves as a kind of switchboard to our own body of work, whether captured in articles, videos, monographs, audios, or other formats not yet invented.

  • Coaching the Agile Enterprise – book currently in progress by Michael K. Spayd
  • Being an Agile LeaderwhitePaper for executives and managers by Michael Hamman & Michael K. Spayd
  • Agile Coach Competency Model – whitepaper by Michael K. Spayd & Lyssa Adkins
  • Videos – From a variety of sources (InfoQ, YOW, non-US keynotes) on topics including enterprise coaching, hiring / growing an agile coach, conflict facilitation, the role of agile coach, plus many of Lyssa’s early video lessons published on YouTube.
  • Coaching Resources – a listing, by competency area, of some starter resources for self-study