Breakthrough Coaching

Agile methods deliver one thing 100% of the time…impediments.  Breakthrough Coaching™ works at the systems level to address the interdepartmental and inter-level organizational impediments uncovered by agile that often surface as organizational mis-alignments, conflict and toxic politics. Or, if just getting started with agile, Breakthrough Coaching™ provides a solid footing that can avoid future impediments.

When an organization begins an Agile implementation, there are many forces stirring in the underlying human system. Perhaps a desire of customers to get better results, a need in management for more productivity and reliability, an urge in developers to have a more fulfilling relationship with their work. At the same time, others may see benefits of the status quo, identify risks to the change, and ultimately resist modifying a well-known process. If only a portion of these impulses is exposed and acted on, the likelihood of creating dysfunctional resistance and unintended consequences is high as the adoption unfolds. If you’re underway, perhaps this has already happened.

Breakthrough Coaching™ utilizes advanced professional coaching techniques called Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), developed by CRRGlobal and adapted by ACI for use in the agile context. This type of coaching creates greater Relationship Systems Intelligence™ in participants.  Led by our trained and experienced professional coaches, these techniques are specifically geared to help organizations start off on the right footing for their Agile implementation, or if organizational impediments have already begun to manifest, to get beyond these impediments and regain forward momentum.

Breakthrough Coaching™ coaching is both positive and practical in its approach. Engagements are on the order of a few days, with brief follow-ups over 6-12 months to allow system shifts, and behavioral change, to take root.


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