Agile Coach Competency Self-Assessment

Wouldn’t you like to know where your ScrumMasters, agile coaches and managers “stand” with respect to the diverse competencies possessed by great agile coaches? Using a competency framework developed by ACI you can do exactly that. Our self-assessment process gives your coaches a detailed picture of where they stand now, then helps them to choose their most powerful future development path. Done as a community, the assessment process engages peer accountability, support, and a holistic view.

The Agile Coach Competency Self-Assessment is a guided process for a group of up to 30 agile coaches. Participants first learn about the eight competency areas as a group and then assess themselves using the framework. The output includes visual graphs of current state and desired future (at the individual and organizational levels) plus a prioritized development and accountability plan. An optional set of written recommendations can be provided by ACI upon request.

For a full description of how the process works and what the typical results are, see this full description.  And, to learn about the competency framework the self-assessment is based on, read this white paper.