It’s official: we’re live


It’s official: we’re live

Lyssa and I are so excited to be launching this website for the Agile Coaching Institute. This day–a Monday in most of the world, July the Fourth in the US–seemed a good day to proclaim it.

The mission of the Agile Coaching Institute is to develop–in every way possible–great Agile Coaches. Coaches skilled in the arts of transformation, coaches who are catalyst leaders, who are deep listeners, skilled facilitators, powerful teachers.

To accomplish this, we plan to tap a wide-world of colleagues from professional coaching, leadership development, experiential education, organization development and other fields. The world of the Agile Coach as transformation agent is vast and deep. It deserves a curriculum and development plan that is equally so.

In the next several weeks, we will be giving more specific form to our vision: a competency framework, a roadmap of courses, a forum for community development and engagement. Our hope is to hear from you, to have you articulate your own vision and hopes, and for you to co-create with us a foundation for Agile coaching greatness.

Now is the time. Let’s get going!


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