Internal Agile Coaching Programs

We believe that agile should flourish long after the agile consultants have exited the scene.  For this to happen, organizations must develop their internal agile coaching capability.

Organizations struggle with several challenges regarding agile coaching: how do we decide what skills and knowledge they should have? How do we help them develop those skills? How do we grow enough coaches for our expanding needs?

ACI helps organizations develop internal programs and processes to meet these challenges. Using our competency framework as a foundation, we work with you to develop internal skills, assessment processes and programs to grow your agile coaches, ScrumMasters and managers.  And, to keep them growing and helping the organization get the results from agile it was promised.

We have a host of services that help an organization develop its agile coaching ability, such as our training programs, as well as ongoing change support through coaching and mentoring circles.   We don’t assume this is enough, however, and work with you to address the full complement of skills agile coaches need– even if we don’t provide that service ourselves.
If you think that developing your agile coaching capability could help your organization get the full benefit of agile, please contact us.