Old Facilitation competence

Facilitation is a companion competency to coaching, were the facilitator owns the process as servant leader for the group, helping maximize collaboration, learning, decision-making, and action.

Facilitation Resources

Jean Tabaka: Collaboration Explained
Great book for agile coaches about being a good facilitator. Check out the section with starter agendas for sprint planning and other agile meetings.

Esther Derby and Diana Larsen: Agile Retrospectives.  To help you create retrospectives that have people get up from the conference room table and come up with real insights. My copy of this has stickies all over it and coffee stains and worn out pages. That’s how much I use it.

Facilitator Training

Facilitator4Hire: some of the best facilitator training in the world.

Collaboration Explained course, taught by Jean Tabaka.


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