Old Business Mastery competence

Ability to apply business strategy and management frameworks, product innovation techniques, six sigma or other business process management approaches, and other techniques that relate to innovating in the business domain and using agile as a competitive advantage.

Resources for Business Mastery

The Lean Startup, Eric Ries groundbreaking book on bringing the Agile and Lean mindset to the entrepreneurial world, even in large organizations.

Principles of Product Development Flow, Donald Reinertsen’s wonderful book and the new economics of product development, based on lean thinking, and how product development is different than lean manufacturing.

Innovation Games, Luke Hohmann’s great book on how collaborative play can lead to breakthrough products.

Enthiosys’ Agile Product Roadmaps and Product Management

Holistic product design and development – Jeff Patton

Lean A3 Process, a problem solving process started at Toyota

Value Stream Mapping – measuring value add vs. waste times in business processes

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