Catalyzing Enterprise Agility Through Leadership

As Agile helps companies master the demands of effective delivery in the face of ever greater complexity, the desire to scale up this benefit soon reveals the limitations of current organizational structures, practices and culture. Over time, these limitations become suffocating. A broad, enterprise agility is the antidote, starting with you as leader.

This organizational agility is not a matter of ‘scaling’ current team-based delivery practices. Enterprise agility is a different animal entirely. At the heart of sustainable enterprise agility is an adaptive, agile leadership.

Simply put, agile leadership entails a move from driving to results to creating environments that generate results.

Agile leadership is no accident. There is a clear methodology for enacting agile leadership. Fundamentally, it is as much about the interior—of individuals, of organizations—as it is about the exterior. It is as much about developing people as it is about building systems. It is as much about creating an agile culture as it is about adapting structures and processes.

What would it mean to lead and manage in this way? What does it take to catalyze sustainable enterprise agility?

Here are some places to start:

 The Agile Leader, a White Paper by Michael Hamman and Michael K. Spayd
•  Book excerpt by Michael K. Spayd – pre-order your copy today!

The Agile Manager: Formally Managing Agile Environments
An Integral Approach to Designing Breakthrough Agile Environments

We all know by now that no matter how great your agile implementation, it all ultimately hinges on how well your management and leadership not only gets Agile, but how able they are to create the organizational environments needed for it to grow and thrive and, ultimately, to ignite truly great performance across the organization.

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