old — CAT Integration:Putting Coaching Agile Teams’ Skills to Work

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Practicum Description

CAT Integration is run as a tele-practicum for students who have completed the Coaching Agile Teams class and wish to deepen their coaching practice. CAT Integration solidifies the mindset shifts that began when you attended the Coaching Agile Teams course and takes it into action in your agile coaching practice.

Each of the six sessions takes on a different aspect of the Coaching Competency Framework, going in-depth with skill work (in private, virtual breakout rooms), feedback from other coaches, offline exercises, and a coaching challenge in your own agile coaching context. Working within a tight container of 6-8 coaches and a master coach mentor, CAT Integration will deepen your skills and magnify your impact as an agile coach.

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Sessions Agenda

#1: Coaching skills

  • Practicum Overview
  • Designing a Coaching Alliance
  • Review professional coaching skills
  • Coaching skill practice
#4: Facilitation

  • Designing interactions
  • Facilitation Guides
  • Design your own meeting
  • Facilitation skill practice??
  • personal coaching challenge
#2: Coaching mindset

  • Check-in
  • Co-active Coaching Mindset
  • Discovering mindset implications
  • Coaching skill practice
  • personal coaching challenge
#5: Teaching

  • Overview
  • Training from the Back of the Room concepts
  • Deconstructing the CAT class
  • Training design practice
  • personal coaching challenge
#3: Mentoring

  • Check-in
  • Mentoring models (student-led)
  • ACI Mentoring model
  • Mentoring skill practice
  • personal coaching challenge
#6: Integration

  • The Dance
  • When Do I Use What?
  • Key Learnings
  • Development Plan
  • Accountability Partners
  • Ongoing coaching challenge

See the schedule