Coaching Practicum

Learning and practicing in the classroom are essential, yet not enough to make these advanced agile coaching skills the “new normal” in your everyday coaching.  The Coaching Practicum challenges and develops agile coaches to this “new normal” through a comprehensive 6-week program that includes:

  • Skill Drill Calls. 90-minute calls in which you will study a coaching tool or skill in-depth and then apply it in practice coaching sessions.
  • Supervision. Through your real (pre-recorded) coaching sessions, you receive both individual supervision as well as group supervision (learning from each others’ coaching recordings).
  • Coaching Practice.  Students must have at least two active coaching clients during the practicum so that they get significant real life practice and have insights and challenging scenarios to bring to the practicum.
  • Assessment. Students will be assessed against an objective set of criteria so that they can get realistic and straight-talk feedback as they move toward agile coaching mastery.