ATC Advanced Program

The Agile Transformation Coaching (ATC) advanced program builds deep skill in professional coaching for agile coaches. With learning, practice and real-world application of coaching skills at both at the individual and organizational levels, the ATC Advanced Program graduate attains the ability to leverage agile beyond the impediments that hold it back.

The ATC advanced program consists of three steps, each to be taken in succession:

    • The Coaching Stance: Up-Shifting Your Agile Coaching
    • TCS Integration: Honing Your Professional Skill & Becoming a More Adept Agile Coach
    • Leading from the Next Level: Systems-oriented Leadership for Agile Coaches
    • Apprentice Group – advanced coaching and mentoring group to integrate the skills of the advanced transformation program (more info coming)

Course Offerings

The Coaching Stance: Upshifting Your Agile Coaching is the gateway to all our advanced offerings. It was developed with a long-term professional coach trainer in Co-active Coaching (TM). The Coaching Stance (TCS) grounds you deeply in professional coaching skills, creating the foundational mindset and inner development for transformation work.

The next offering is called TCS Integration. This 9-session tele-workshop is designed to give you lots of practice coaching, including receiving feedback, plus work on integrating the coaching stance into your agile coaching practice.

Coming in November 2012, we will be offering a course in systems-oriented leadership, developed in collaboration with the founders of CRRGlobal. A prerequisite for this course is either The Coaching Stance, or the new Coaching Agile Teams Integration tele-workshop.

More classes are being envisioned in the areas of organization change, culture, and leadership.

Our Approach

In bringing you the highest quality training from transformational disciplines that support agile coaching, we have partnered with the best in the business:

  • With Cynthia Loy Darst (Co-active Coach trainer for more than 15 years and one of the founders of the ICF) we developed The Coaching Stance.
  • With Marita Fridjhon and Faith Fuller, founders of the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching program, we developed Leading from the Next Level.

We deliver classes as pair teachers, with a master agile coach (one of our core staff) plus a professional trainer from the relevant discipline (e.g., professional coaching).