Announcing an Exciting New Workshop for Agile Managers!


Announcing an Exciting New Workshop for Agile Managers!

In my 11 years coaching in agile enterprises, it has struck me that while we in the Agile community continue to develop ever greater tools and practices supporting the evolution of agile teams, programs, and agile coaches, it remains the case that very little has been offered for agile managers and leaders: no coherent set of tools, few if any practices, and an utterly unclear role definition. Lacking education, lacking distinctions, and frequently lacking credence from within the Agile community that the role is even valuable, it is no wonder managers and leaders have struggled with what it means to lead and manage in an agile environment.

In 2013, Michael Spayd, Lyssa Adkins and I decided to join forces to design a potent curriculum for agile managers and leaders. The goal was to provide managers and leaders with the kind of transformational learning experience that Coaching Agile Teams has long provided agile coaches. This past year, we conducted extensive testing and fine-tuning of the course concept; Managing Agile Environments is the fruition of that work.

I am really excited to be offering this to the world and want to tell you all about it!

This two-day workshop is designed for managers working in the middle management tier—by which we mean up to and including directors, and even, in some organizations, vice presidents. The workshop is tailor-made for the agile manager committed to developing the concrete skills and competencies that will make a difference in creating agile-enabled environments.

As is true with Coaching Agile Teams, Managing Agile Environments builds on a substantive conceptual frame, having the added advantage of including our latest thought leadership within the emerging Integral Agile movement directly into its design. Like our other classes, learning is activated through focused exercises and experiential learning, making it abundantly tangible and real in the manager’s world. Beyond mere information or tips, Managing Agile Environments aims to create a fundamental shift in how attendees see their role as manager: from managing to results, to designing environments that create results. We believe this class will be the kind of signature training experience for managers that Coaching Agile Teams is for agile coaches.

Managing Agile Environments (full description) is part of our transformational leadership curriculum that includes Leading Adaptive Organizations (a workshop for executive leaders) and the 5-day intensive Integral Agile Wizardry (meant for those leading and coaching enterprise transformations, both leaders and coaches). Our intention in offering this new curriculum is to bridge the gap between delivery agility and organizational agility—for only by activating the whole organization can we hope to realize the promise of agility.

I am truly excited to finally be part of an offering that managers and leaders can embrace, with a dignity befitting the contribution they are called upon to make inside their companies, and, ultimately, in the world.

I hope you will join us in Boston on February 23!


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