Agile Enterprise Transformation – Michael’s book excerpt


Agile Enterprise Transformation – Michael’s book excerpt

Update July 31, 2014 – Full Release (and Study Group)

Download link for Rel 1.0 – temporarily unavailable due to copyright permission concerns.

Well, I am proud and gratified to be able to release the first complete version of Downloading the Integral Operating System: A Framework of Enterprise Agile Transformation. I am very grateful for all the feedback we have received from the two Deep-Dive Study Groups and numerous class and conference presentations of the framework. I am especially grateful to my two friends and colleagues, Lyssa Adkins and Michael Hamman (co-author of the Integral Agile chapter) for their tireless and selfless support of this project.

I am hopeful the Integral Agile Framework will start a new, more inclusive, multi-perspective conversation on what enterprise agility means, how we can get there, and what our role is in such a world transformation. The most important feedback you can offer is to start using the framework, then tell us where you succeeded, where you got stuck, and what you need next.

One possible engagement mechanism is to join a Deep-Dive Study Groups. The first two sold out. If this is for you, add yourself to the wait list for the third one (probably starting in the Fall ’14).

Good luck on your journey. Let us know what happens!

Warm wishes,

Michael, Agile2014, Orlando



Update Jan. 31, ’14 – New Release and Study Group

The first and second Deep-Dive Study Groups are full.   Add yourself to the wait list and we’ll let you know when we schedule another one.  Interest in this has been very high, so it’s very likely we will do it again.

Thanks to those of you who downloaded the original and provided feedback. I am very happy to be able to release version 0.9 (link at the bottom of post)! It includes the all new Chapter 4 on the evolution of people and culture as it applies to Agile transformations. I have also revised Chapters 0 and 1 to make them more readable and impactful. I plan to release Chapter 5 (the final one in this book excerpt) by the end of July. Meanwhile, please read and comprehend Release 0.9 – there is lots of profound material to work with here.

Work is continuing on an Integral Agile toolbox by a community of practitioners that are excited about applying this material to their work and life.

And please let me know what you think about this release!



Original post:

Well, it’s finally here! I am overjoyed to announce that an excerpt from my book – Coaching the Agile Enterprise, to be published by Addison-Wesley – is now available. I will be releasing the 80-some page excerpt in three phases, beginning today with the release of the first three chapters.

It has been important for me, and for ACI generally, to get this Agile Enterprise Transformation framework out to the community as soon as possible for several reasons. First, the full book is taking considerably longer to write than I had planned, but the material is important for people to have now. Second, what I am releasing over the next month or two is the underlying framework for enterprise transformation; the full book will go into great detail on many different aspects of applying the framework, but the base framework can be used by people now, so why wait? Third, much of ACI’s developing curriculum into the foreseeable future will be based on the framework; by making it public now, we can begin incorporating applications into what we teach now, not later.

I am also excited that the excerpt — which I have titled Downloading the Integral Operating System (IOS): A Framework for Agile Enterprise Transformation — is the first in the new ACI Monograph Series. These monograph’s will explore a variety of topics in the area of agile coaching, enterprise transformation, agile leadership, and other topics critical to you, our precious community.

For all of us at the Agile Coaching Institute, we look forward to hearing what kind of impact our work creates, and what you need from us as together we build a brighter future.

With tremendous warmth and gratitude for all your kind support,

Michael (from Salt Lake City)


  • Steve Crago
    Posted at 09:58h, 18 February

    Just signed up. I’m very excited to be able to participate in this study group

  • Nicole Safley
    Posted at 12:26h, 13 February

    I’ve been waiting on this book as well. Michael mentioned it at our Coaching Agile Teams training and I knew it was just what I needed. Just enrolled for the study group. Can’t wait to engage in the conversation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Allison
    Posted at 23:36h, 03 February

    Excited that more content has been shared! I sent the first excerpt to one of my coworkers previously, and we had a good conversation about the ideas afterwards. I wonder what the additional chapters will do for our future conversations. 🙂

  • Kevin Callahan
    Posted at 10:04h, 14 January

    YES!!! I’ve been waiting for this since your session at the Vegas Scrum Gathering!!! Very much looking forward to reading this; it will go to the top of my list. And Lyssa, I look forward to the unfolding conversation 🙂

  • Pascal Pinck
    Posted at 02:31h, 14 January

    Great work on the monograph — I can tell you put a LOT of hours into editing. Your efforts have paid off! Can’t wait to read more….

  • Lyssa Adkins
    Posted at 19:44h, 10 January

    I am so excited that this book excerpt is out! Now we can begin a deeper conversation about agile at the enterprise level that honors the complexity we find ourselves swimming in. So, read up people! Let’s get the conversation started.