The Agile Coach Bootcamp: A 5 day Immersion for Experienced Agilists

Agile Coach Bootcamp is both The Agile Facilitator and Coaching Agile Teams in one week long intensive. This class is not only a rich and transformative experience but also a good foundation for future learning.

The primary class components of the Bootcamp are:

  • The Agile Facilitator: Catalyzing Collaboration, Delivering Results
  • Coaching Agile Teams: The Mindset and Skills of Great Agile Coaching

The two classes are woven together into a single, intensive and immersive experience that will catapult your agile coaching skills and results to new levels. You will leave a different person!

YOU MUST ATTEND ALL 5 DAYS including evening practices, to get the full benefit for yourself and to be fair to your fellow colleagues as the skills in the class build on one another. When you are gone, even for a short time, you miss a lot. In addition, being absent impacts your ability to achieve ICAgile continuing education certifications.

Although not required, it would be beneficial for you to arrange sleeping accommodations where the Bootcamp is held. This ensures that you and your Bootcamp colleagues can fully benefit from the immersive experience, including sharing physical space, building camaraderie and taking advantage of opportunities for unstructured learning with your fellow students after class hours. The instructors designed the Agile Coach Bootcamp to be a transformational experience, and part of that relies on spending time together outside of classroom hours.

What’s included in the course price:

  • The two courses – The Agile Facilitator and Coaching Agile Teams
  • Daily Lunch Service
  • Dinner on the first evening

Who Will Benefit from this Class

  • ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers or Iteration Managers well versed in the agile basics and who have experienced an agile team. You must have actual experience to benefit from the Agile Coach Bootcamp because we use your real life experiences throughout. We suggest at least 6 months’ experience in an Agile environment.
  • Experienced ScrumMasters, Agile Project Managers, or Iteration Managers who have had years of experience.
  • Agile Coaches who want increased facilitation and coaching skills and the results they can provide.
  • Any experienced Agilist interested in bringing more rigor and structure to their facilitation of Agile ceremonies and other collaborative events.
  • Any experienced Agilist who wants to help people and teams achieve the changes it takes to use Agile well.

Two Classes wrapped into one group setting:

When we have studied in group settings ourselves, we have been led to more profound insights and experiences than day-use classrooms can afford. The Agile Coach Bootcamp will provide you with more tools and frameworks than you are likely to be able to exhaust in the next year, as well as a community-oriented experience unlike any you have had. Staying together in a group setting ensures that you and your Agile Coach Bootcamp colleagues can fully benefit from the immersive experience, including sharing physical space, building camaraderie, and taking advantage of opportunities for unstructured learning with your fellow students after class hours. The Agile Coach Bootcamp was designed to be a transformational experience.  Many people report that being together all week was an integral part of their learning and a highlight.  See the Schedule page for details and to register.

The Agile Facilitator We partnered with two great facilitators – Leslie Stein and David Chilcott – to design a course that fulfills industry requirements for becoming a qualified Agile Team Facilitator. The Agile Facilitator focuses on gaining in-depth and practical understanding of a wide array of techniques practiced by professional facilitators, and gaining rich, well-delivered feedback on your growing facilitation skills. This class will give you ideas for designing meetings in which the team interacts with the team so they can do the heavy-lifting and understand how to address some of the dysfunctional behaviors you see preventing your team from achieving maximum success. Like all Agile Coaching Institute classes it is a bit different than typical Agile Coaching classes. Learn more.

Coaching Agile Teams focuses on the four basic competencies of mentoring, professional coaching, teaching, and facilitation. It also explores the four Integral quadrants (mindset, practices, relationship/culture, and environment), as the “environments” that teams and their members find themselves in. The class does not emphasize Agile practices per se and is really more an exploration of the professional coaching mindset (advanced asking vs telling), working with changes in people, using ourselves as the instrument of change. It is quite different than what most coaches, even very experienced ones, are used to in a class. When we started teaching Coaching Agile Teams in 2010, the main job of most ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches was to get teams up and running well. Now, Agile teams are almost the norm, although many are not running well. And, if they are, they can easily be held back by the broader organizational landscape that is not as “agile-enabling” as needed. Learn more.


  • The Bootcamp is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) as fulfilling all Learning Objectives in the Team Facilitation & Agile Coaching track. Learn more at ICAgile.
  • The Bootcamp is also approved by the Scrum Alliance and yields 37 SEUs toward your Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) or to support your existing Scrum Alliance certifications, such as the CSM. Learn more at the Scrum Alliance.
  • Any learning in Agile is typically acceptable to the Project Management Institute as continuing education. The Bootcamp yields 37 PDUs that you can claim toward your PMI-ACP or to support your existing PMI certifications, such as the PMP. Learn more at the PMI.


Length: Five days

Hours: Start 9am Monday. End 3:30pm Friday.
Please do not plan to leave earlier. There will be morning and afternoon sessions each day, as well as some evenings.

Housing is not included in the price of registration.