ACI’s Agile Coach Bootcamp


ACI’s Agile Coach Bootcamp

Agile Coach Bootcamp to Launch at Agile 2013

We are both pleased and proud to announce the launch of Agile Coach Bootcamps at the Agile 2013 conference this week. These Bootcamps targeted to Scrum Masters, agile coaches, agile project managers and other team leaders who want the full range of competencies and mindsets required for great agile coaching. There are three fundamental and exciting aspects to the Bootcamps that are unique:

  1. Finally, an Agile Facilitation class! A brand new class designed to help you fully understand and practice the role of Team Facilitator in the Agile environment, called The Agile Facilitator: Catalyzing Collaboration, Creating Results.
  2. A Three Day Arc! We have launched a new 3-day version of our classic course, Coaching Agile Teams: The Mindset and Skills of Great Agile Coaching. Three days allows us to take students even deeper into their transformational journey.
  3. A Retreat Setting! Combining the two classes together into a 5-day arc in a retreat setting completes the package. Wow! We’ve never taught our classes in an environment where nature is accessible and we’re all staying overnight. Wow!

A Facilitation class for Agilists!
You asked for it, we listened. We are SO excited to finally be offering a facilitation class that will help you professionally facilitate the Agile practices for your teams. We partnered with two great facilitators – Leslie Stein and David Chilcott – to design a course that fulfills industry requirements for becoming a qualified Agile Team Facilitator. This two-day course requires day and evening class time to cover what you need and allow you plenty of time to practice and get feedback. Besides in the Bootcamp, we are scheduling this class in Montreal and elsewhere in the Fall. Here’s the course description.

Three Days for Coaching Agile Teams:
To meet the full requirements of a comprehensive Agile coaching curriculum, we expanded our flagship Coaching Agile Teams course to 3 days. Originally, we were convinced we would only offer the 3-day version for special requests, believing the market was tied into 2-day classes. Then we taught the 3-day version, and students raved: don’t shortchange us with only 2-days! Holding a 3-day arc allows us to deepen the class container even deeper (and longer). Not to mention the new material we are able to cover. Finally, we can say this is a truly comprehensive course for Agile coaches. Here’s the full course description.  And, here is agile coach, David Nielson, giving you his perspective on the power of the 3-day format:

Both Classes wrapped up in a Retreat Setting:
When we have studied in retreat settings ourselves, we have been led to more profound insights and experiences than traditional classrooms can afford. We got the idea of combining the new Facilitator class with the 3-day Coaching Agile Teams to form a brand new immersive experience unlike any other. Agile Coach Bootcamp will provide you with more tools and frameworks than you are likely to be able to exhaust in the next year, as well as a community-oriented experience unlike any you have had. We are beside ourselves with excitement to welcome you to San Francisco Bay area and Boston this Fall for an event you won’t soon forget. See the Schedule page for details and to register.

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