Agile Coach Bootcamp Video

We asked our students a simple question: “What do people need to know about the Agile Coach Bootcamp?” Here’s what they said.

The Agile Coach Bootcamp: A 5 day Immersion for Experienced Agilists

The Agile Coach Bootcamp combines The Agile Facilitator class with the Coaching Agile Teams class, taking place over 5 days and evenings in a retreat setting. The two classes are woven together into a single, intensive and immersive experience that will catapult your agile coaching skills and results to new levels. You will leave a different person!

The Bootcamp is for experienced Agilists with 6+ months experience working in an Agile environment.

See our schedule for upcoming Bootcamps.

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Here is a longer cut video with new interviews and more information on what’s included in the Bootcamp.