ACI’s New Home Within Accenture


ACI’s New Home Within Accenture

Today, we announced that ACI has been acquired by Accenture. ACI’s new home within Accenture will allow us to fully realize our mission: defining and developing the Agile coaching profession so that Agile coaches become powerful change agents.

As many of you know ACI has been in a partnership over this last year with SolutionsIQ, which was acquired by Accenture earlier this year, to produce our Agile Coaching classes. Inch by inch, that operation has been handed into SolutionsIQ’s care and, since the Spring, SolutionsIQ has been producing all of ACI’s US classes. This was our lean-startup-inspired way of learning if our premise was true: Given the steadfastness of ACI’s mission to equip agile coaches as powerful change agents, would SolutionsIQ be a strong and worthy home? From developing SolutionsIQ consultants as transformational course co-leaders, to transferring class operations, to SolutionsIQ folks taking on leadership decisions, the same answer kept coming back: Yes, this is a strong and worthy home.

From Lyssa Adkins and Michael K. Spayd, co-founders of Agile Coaching Institute:

We built ACI to be a thought leader, not to be an efficient operation that could easily expand to meet ever-increasing need for skilled Agile Coaches. For ACI’s purpose to be fully realized, it needed a bigger and more capable home.

In June, SolutionsIQ came under Accenture’s umbrella, so cue round two of the investigations. For sure, this is a much larger operation and a very different landscape yet many things remained the same. It has been our experience that the people at Accenture are open, collaborative, curious and very excited about ACI. Given Accenture’s business acumen, some things actually got simpler. At every turn, ACI’s mission, integrity and voice in the Agile community are genuinely respected. The answer kept coming back: Yes, this is a strong and worthy home.

ACI is now also under the Accenture umbrella, and will be led by the same people who lead the Accenture SolutionsIQ team. ACI’s brand will remain strong and separate. The intensive professional development program for ACI instructors will continue to evolve with a focus on raising the bar for the Agile Coaching profession. ACI co-founder Lyssa Adkins will continue to teach many of the courses and serve as President Emerita and senior mentor. In short, ACI will remain firmly dedicated to advancing the profession of Agile Coaching.

We see clearly the challenges ahead of us as we embark on the journey of creating our place, inside a global, results-driven organization. And, we are up to the challenge. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to use what we teach in our classes. We see the need to step up our use of the very tools and skills our students find valuable, such as designed alliances, impact feedback, and integral-inspired analyses, to name a few. Accenture continues year after year to win globally significant awards for corporate citizenship and diversity. They are committed to serving as stewards of a more inclusive and sustainable world and work to improve the way the world works and lives. We believe this signals a strong basis for learning together.

This move does more than continue ACI’s mission in a larger playing field. It makes possible greater impact. We will be able to focus on the further refinement and impact of ACI’s curriculum for Agile Coaches, even as the expanded team of co-leaders delivers more classes to more locations. ACI’s competence building curriculum will become an integral part of Accenture’s internal professional development program, up-skilling coaches who already have a large sphere of influence inside their client organizations. In addition, ACI’s long-held dream of helping organizations reach Agile sustainability by developing their own internal coaching capability finally feels within reach. All of this amplifies the ability for ACI to inspire and serve people in their developmental journey.

Halim DunskyAs the days and weeks of go by and we all settle into this new chapter, we invite you to reach out: Lyssa Adkins, ACI President Emerita and Halim Dunsky, Accenture’s ACI Steward.

Read Halim’s recent blog post, “Amplifying the Work of the Agile Coaching Institute.”

  • Sanjay Gupta
    Posted at 17:12h, 18 November

    Congratulations Lyssa and team. It truly would be Agile Coaching Institute now amplified. It can be catalyst to begin the change/transformation of services organizations and Accenture leading.

  • Suzanne Daigle
    Posted at 10:39h, 30 October

    Congratulations Lyssa. It is through you and Gerry Kirk that I got my first taste of Agile aka Scrum. At Gangplank in Arizona! You had a deep impact on me. It connected me forever to the potential of Agile beyond Software. I celebrate your journey and this new challenge and its vision.

  • Greg Small
    Posted at 16:14h, 27 October

    It is very exciting to see an organization like Accenture follow through on the hard work done by ACI and SolutionsIQ. As a part of the Fjord Studio in Austin (also an Accenture subsidiary) I get to leverage my coaching stance everyday to promote the Agile mindset. As a people manager, my entire approach is centered on what I learned from ACI.
    I cannot wait to see this mindset permeate and influence the greater organization as it gains broader understanding. Congratulations to ACI, SolutionsIQ, and Accenture!