ACI Launch at Agile 2011


ACI Launch at Agile 2011

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We are “steppin’ out” in the agile coaching world — even more — by sponsoring the Coaching and Mentoring stage at Agile 2011 next week.   Michael and I were involved with that stage from the beginning as session reviewers.  Along with several others, we had the responsibility and joy of reviewing, commenting on, and helping improve dozens of session submissions.  Many excellent sessions were not chosen — there was simply not enough space for all the goodness.  The result, though, is that the conference attendees get to experience the most excellent of the excellent.

Michael and I look forward to meeting many agile coaches (ScrumMasters, XP coaches, managers, PMs of all sorts, whatever you call yourself is OK with us).  We look forward to the conversations and sharing that help us strengthen our community and the use of agile everywhere.  Best of all, we imagine we’ll learn what you want and need next.

We will also be sharing our latest work, some of which will be revealed while the conference is in progress.  Along with this, we’ll make some announcements about our upcoming offerings to alumni of our training program and coaching circles first, but then I’m sure they’ll tell you.  So, look for #aci tweets all week long.

We’ll monitor Twitter so feel free to reach us that way: @lyssaadkins  @mspayd

See you there!

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