2012: Year in *Pre*view


2012: Year in *Pre*view

2012 promises to be an exciting year in the world of agile coaching. We are hoping to kindle that excitement and turn it into a raging bonfire of transformation! We wanted you—our community and collaborators—to know what we are dreaming, in hopes you will add yours.

The Year Ahead: Three Themes

We organized our dreaming into themes:

1. Launching the Agile Transformation Coaching school

Having laid the foundations in 2011, we are launching our advanced curriculum in 2012. The Agile Transformation Coaching (ATC) school is geared to agile coaches who want to become truly effective agents of transformation.  The Coaching Stance: Upshifting Your Agile Coaching is the gateway to all our advanced offerings. The Coaching Stance grounds you deeply in professional coaching skills, creating the foundational mindset and inner development for transformation work. The 2012 direction of the ATC has two major branches: working with executives, and working with organizational systems beginning with team systems. Intensive coaching practicums will enable you to deeply practice and hone your coaching skills, with feedback from master coaches. Look for further announcements soon.

2. Thought leadership and the Institute

The Institute will continue to expand with world class teachers from outside the Agile world who are masters of transformation. We are SO excited about bringing this new work to you!  We are exploring a number of partnerships that we hope to announce early in 2012. You are going to be blown away as we introduce these classes and master teachers. We will also be presenting extensively at conferences and user groups (how about yours?), demonstrating powerful new techniques from our own professional coach training. Stay tuned.

3. A new coaching practice

Believing that “practice leads the way,” Lyssa and I will be offering Breakthrough Coaching in 2012, the harbinger of further curriculum offerings in the ATC school. Breakthrough Coaching is targeted to work with interdepartmental and inter-level organizational morasses uncovered by agile. For instance, a team of agile coaches encountering resistance in their change efforts, or departmental conflicts that arise during an agile transition, all are appropriate for Breakthrough Coaching. Engagements will be on the order of a few days, with brief follow-ups over 6-12 months to allow system shifts to take root. Breakthrough Coaching will utilize Lyssa and my training as relationship systems coaches and will be unlike any interventions currently used in the agile community.  Let us know if you have a target organization to consider.

One-hundred to One-hundred Thousand

We organized our goals for the year into two pithy phrases:

  • Mentor 100 who change 10,000 – our transformation curriculum will be focused on 100 people in 2012. Are you one of them? These one hundred will be our advance scouts of transformation. The first such advanced apprentice group will start in early 2012 with 6-8 people. Our vision is that this hundred will have a significant impact on 10,000 people: co-workers in their organizations, clients, folks in their life, all of whom will benefit from the depth of study, understanding, and personal development of these one hundred pioneers.
  • Reach 1,000 who raise 100,000 – we hope to reach one thousand people in 2012 through our classes, coaching and mentor circles, and other offerings. Along the way, each agile coach we work with will be asked to join the Agile Coaches Transform the World team on Kiva, the great microlending platform. By loaning $100,000 to entrepreneurs throughout the developing world, together we can change the lives of hundreds of people and thousands of their family members by helping them create viable businesses in their local communities. ACI will be offering to match the first $100 of micro-loans made by any agile coach taking one of our offerings in 2012.

The Details

We have a 2012 schedule that includes Coaching Agile Teams classes in Toronto, Boulder-Denver, Stockholm, with a May class in Boston, and in <insert your city here – we need ~20 people>. Meanwhile, The Coaching Stance is already scheduled for Boulder, Boston, San Francisco and Stockholm. We are hoping to add another city and private classes in the first half of 2012.

If you are interested in the advanced apprentice group, let us know.

Don’t forget to read Lyssa’s ACI 2011 Year in Review.

Happy New Year! Agile coaches rock!

-Michael & Lyssa

p.s. – as I was writing this, we already had someone sign-up on the Kiva lending team!

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