Where Do I Start: Enterprise Agile Coach

Q: How do I help the organization transform using agile?

Enterprise Agile Coach

You already know that there is no easy answer to this question. In our years developing agile coaches to the Enterprise level, we can offer this clear direction, however: develop your Self and your ability to See.

In our Enterprise Agile Coach development path, we provide tools, models and mindset shifts for both. We help you develop your Self as the primary instrument of enterprise transformation, and we introduce multi-dimensional perspectives from the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ to help you See the complexity around you without getting overwhelmed by it, or dumbing it down. From here, you are well-equipped to choose organizational interventions that will have the highest impact, and you are able to garner the co-responsibility needed to make the changes stick.

The Integral Agile Wizardry Bootcamp begins your Enterprise Coach journey.

Integral Agile Wizardry Bootcamp: Mastering Self, Seeing Systems

Integral Agile Wizardry is a five day bootcamp intensive for experienced Agilists and Leaders, helping them begin down the path of Integral Systems practice and spiral wizardry. The Bootcamp is highly experiential, interactive, and will focus significantly on your personal growth. It is designed to dramatically increase your overall effectiveness in the enterprise Agile coaching and transformation space, starting with a basic premise of first, do no harm.

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