Where Do I Start: Agile Champion

Q: How do I develop my staff’s agile coaching abilities?

Without a doubt, a strong Agile Coaching capability is essential for organizational agility.

Agile Coaching Institute knows how to develop Agile Coaches into skilled and powerful agents of transformation and how to help businesses use their power for good.

Since 2010 we have trained over 4,600 Agile Coaches and strategized with their organizations to develop the strong Agile Coaching capability we know is vital for delivering on the promise of Agile.

We are industry thought-leaders in defining the path to competence and confidence that makes Agile Coaching a true profession. Through our sister company, Trans4mation, we apply our years of developing Agile Coaches to help you build a the strong capability your organization needs.

WhitePaper: Developing an Internal Agile Coaching Capability