Organizational Solutions

Agile champions and managers of coaches and ScrumMasters often wonder how we can help them out. Agile coaching capability development and transformational consulting are two answers covered here.

After getting a taste of the difference Agile can make to our customers and teams, we naturally want the same thing for our whole organization. The problem is, organizations are complex human communities, with overlapping and conflicting drivers and desires. To believe that a monolithic approach — no matter how brilliantly conceived — can fundamentally change an organization borders on naive. Researching the success rate for organizational change initiatives, we find a sad story, similar to the state of software development prior to Agile (perhaps worse).

This fundamental failure in Agile transformation is vividly on display wherever we teach agile coaches, from those in Global 500 companies to independent coaches working with all manner of organizational clients. They are mightily disappointed, and so are we.

For an organization to flourish in its use of Agile, many stars must align. From the mindset and attitude of key leaders and team members, to the exacting discipline of the engineering and customer practices implemented; from the culture and shared values of the staff, to the scaling and organizational structures designed to make the transformation real. There is a temptation to simply embrace the latest trending method, but nothing short of a thoroughly comprehensive rethinking will help us realize the change we seek.

A new approach to transformation is called for, an Integral approach, one that combines multiple disciplines, fundamental perspectives, and an uncommon ability to collaborate across boundaries of all kinds. With a combined 40 plus years in the Agile transformation soup — boasting some significant successes but also humbled by some real disappointments — ACI began to articulate this new approach. As we tried to make it real, we discovered the need for our own organizational transformation.

Starting in 2016, we have begun the internal launch of a new organization, a sister-company to Agile Coaching Institute, called Trans4mation, designed to bring a new approach to the world of organizational transformations. Central to this effort is the Integral approach outlined in Michael’s book, Coaching the Agile Enterprise. Trans4mation is developing a variety of services, from helping develop internal capacity for your agile coaching, to leadership coaching and development for your executives, to strategic transformational consulting to help you realistically assess what is possible given your organization and then implement an approach. All of these services are knit together into a philosophy of change leadership that believes authentic transformation is only possible when it comes from the top, beginning within the hearts and minds of the organization’s senior leaders. Visit Trans4mation’s website at

Agile Coaching Capability Office – Developing Internal Coaching Capability

A subset of our transformational consulting is to develop your internal coaching competence. We believe agile should flourish long after the consultants have exited the scene.  For this to happen, organizations must develop their internal agile coaching capability. With our position as agile coaching thought leaders, and our deep background in both agile and professional coaching, ACI’s people are uniquely positioned to co-create just such a program with your organization, through the auspices of our sister consulting organization, Trans4mation.