Enterprise Agile Coach Training

Agile Coaching Institute develops aspiring and currently practicing Enterprise Agile Coach-Leaders into transformation leaders. Guided by the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ our classes and follow-on cohort prepare Agile Coaches to more skillfully work with the complexity of scaled Agile implementations.

Integral Agile Wizardry Bootcamp:
Mastering Self, Seeing Organizational Systems

Integral Agile Wizardry is a five day bootcamp intensive for experienced Agilists and Leaders, helping them begin down the path of Integral Systems practice and spiral wizardry. The Bootcamp is highly experiential, interactive, and will focus significantly on your personal growth. It is designed to dramatically increase your overall effectiveness in the enterprise Agile coaching and transformation space, starting with a basic premise of first, do no harm.

The primary goals of the Bootcamp are two-fold: to do advanced work in developing the Self (meaning, you) as the primary instrument of enterprise transformation, and to introduce multi-dimensional perspectives from the Integral Agile Transformation Framework™ for systems and organizational change work. It introduces the notion of becoming an Integral Agile Wizard, someone facile in working at all altitudes of the spiral of development, helping to catalyze appropriate organizational change as an authentic servant leader.

IAW Cohort

After the IAW Bootcamp, this 8-month distance-learning Cohort accompanies you on your continuing journey to becoming an effective agent of organizational transformation. 

In this Cohort, we will step you through transformational change — from assessment, to co-creating change strategy, to conducting interventions, to difficult conversations with executives, to many more “steps” that right now may all seem unclear.  We will use your “live ammo” the whole time — you will be operating on your focal system, actually doing the work, and learning from your results. It’s not about collecting more fancy-dancy tools (although you will undoubtedly get some); this is about doing and seeing.